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need to take a leave of absence for a while [01 Apr 2005|06:41pm]

((Sorry guys, I haven't been here at all for like a week. I feel really bad, but so many things have been going on what with the new dolls taking up most of my time, I just don't feel like playing Josuke until he becomes more real to me like my little ones are. It's hard to find time to stay and write and read all the new posts... I gotta take a leave of absence. Maybe if I take a break I'll feel more up to committing and feel more inspired or something... Or maybe I'll start playing as Flint...? I dunno. Anyway, I'll hang around, but I probably won't post much in the way of RPing. See ya'll later!))
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This is your wake-up call!! [11 Mar 2005|04:09pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

((*kicks everyone in the butt* Hey!! Wake up people!! I want some fresh action to read! I'm tired of reading Kuja and Lai's lunchtime rendezvous over and over again! :P Okay, maybe I should practice what I preach, but let's beat those mid-march blues together! It has been snowing like no other and I've had it with winter!! C'mon people, we'll melt the snow with yaoi luvin'! And as a little incentive... Josuke, come out here! Give em a show!
Josuke: I'm not wearing this!
Naki: Why not? It'll look nice on you!
Josuke: This is not clothing! This is two straps of leather with metal studs in it!
Naki: Blah blah blah... you whiner. ;P ))

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Y'all ready for this? [15 Feb 2005|07:13pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Read more...Collapse ) I added his outfit! everyone else did, so I drew a picture of it. Don't knock it! It's not too good and has a shitty coloring job X3 Oh well!!!

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[13 Feb 2005|04:32am]

[ mood | Yaoi-licious ]

**Yanomi bursts through a ripple in time; space and known reality.**

Yanomi: "Oh dear,..."

**The fissure in actuality closes behind him. He finds himself in an empty bedroom with loosly vague furnishings.**

Yanomi: "Oh dear, this simple will not do"

**He holds his hands out, causing the room to the shape of a gothic librery with violet, silk draps what ripples with insensate lust and bound passions. A large fountain with opline water raining down onto itself, a large, round, white bed that held the best view of the fountian was pressed against the bookselves evers so slightly.**

Yanomi: "I needs more..."

**Yanomi simply closes his eyes and spins around twice and snapes his fingers as two diva's appear hanging from his drapes; singing an angelic tune.**

Yanomi: "hmm, this should do, I'm not a complicated man"

**He walks through his door and rolls down the stairs like a giddy school girl**

Yanomi: "hehehehe, now to the dinning hall"

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